A simple website portfolio template that leaves the emphasis on your content

Gumball is built with WordPress for content management, so you can upload and manage your own website’s content easily.

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A selection of websites running the Gumball theme

Sofia Drescher
Jacob Howard
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smooth page loading

pages load ontop of the home page


content scales for all screen sizes


content scales for all screen sizes

collapsible sidebar

for focusing on content

Gumball has some basic customization options including:

Select the grid or background slideshow layout for your homepage

Change your themes colors

Customizing the side panel's appearance, and more..


The Gumball theme is free to download and use.

If you need assistance with the installation process to get things up and running, consider the Assisted Installation Package below.


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Assisted Installation Package - $250

Get a jump-start installing your theme - purchase the Assisted Installation Package and we will deal with the installation and get your site online, ready for you to add your content.

Support Files

After downloading the Gumball files you will find the support file 'readme.txt' inside the Gumball folder.
This will walk you through the different steps to getting your Gumball site up and running.


If you require further assistance or specific customization for your website, you can purchase support time from our team and we can work through any queries together.

Get in touch to enquire about further assistance.

Assisted Installation Package

Get help with the installation process of the Gumball theme

This service includes 1-on-1 assistance with one of our technicians who will jump-start you through the installation process.

With this service we will get your Gumball theme online on your domain, all set up for you to begin adding your content.

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Assisted Installation Package $250

Download the Gumball Theme

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Support Policy

The Gumball theme comes downloaded with support files to aide you through the installation process and instruct you on how to use the theme.
Unless you are paying for additional assistance, all of the support exists on this website and within the free downloadable files.

The Assisted Installation purchase is a support package that will get the Gumball theme live and operational on your website. However this purchase does not include adding content to your Gumball theme, and does not include theme tutorials for operation. All of the necessasary operational instructions can be found in the support files in the Gumball theme download.